Wonder World Play Centre Program

At Wonder World Play Centre, we utilize the “doing is learning” approach, teaching children by creating activities that align with a natural environment. They participate in a wide range of home-based, wholesome activities that include cooking, caring for plants, and caring for animals. They also learn how to wash their play materials then hang them to dry. They care for the animals by cutting up fruits and vegetable scraps and feeding them to the chickens, checking for chicken eggs and feeding the turtle.

These hands-on experiences provide general knowledge and skills of daily living while showing children the importance of responsibility and building their own self-confidence.

Each day, the children come together for circle time, where they sing songs, recite verses, listen to stories and share tales and experiences from home. They are introduced to a wide range of structured art and craft activities designed to enhance their creativity and imagination. These include threading, making toys with yarn, painting and modelling. They are also taught the freedom of movement through dance and music.

Wonder World Play Centre Spaces

Our home corner, construction corner and open play areas provide rich materials and spaces that promote interaction. All materials used are carefully selected and boast natural features that inspire the imagination.

The exposure to a natural environment has been proven to enhance the cognitive development of children by increasing their awareness, reasoning and observational skills (Pyle 2002).

We provide a rich environment that teaches children about nature for all four seasons of the year. During spring, they sow seeds for flowers and vegetables, which gives them the opportunity to see them blossom and ripen. They learn about the bees, butterflies and other insects in our playground, a process which fosters curiosity about the nature all around them.

During summer, the children enjoy eating the juicy plums produced by our own trees, and in autumn, experience the ripening of apples. All year round, they take care of their plants, garden and animals, all of which bring enjoyment to their lives.

At Wonder World Play Centre, we teach children how to take care of the earth and all its important natural resources. We installed two rainwater tanks for our garden program and have two compost bins for children to place the fruits and vegetable scraps. Children are responsible for sorting items for recycling and are taught the importance of preserving nature. We also use a range of recycled materials in our program.

Learning Through Play

Play strengthens the imagination, an essential component of scientific exploration. Creative play supports physical, emotional and social development, allowing children to investigate, explore and discover the world around them.

The children choose what they want to play and are able to interact with their peers, environment and materials with enthusiasm and enjoyment. Our educators guide their activities, evaluating their play to discover what they are learning and further shape their experience.

Excursions to local community places/facilities is part of our childcare and preschool program and we take the children to the park, local primary school and library. We welcome parents support and participation in the excursions.

We celebrate different cultural festivals and invite all families to attend.