Wonder World Play Centre Fee Structure

Wonder World Play Centre offers affordable fees, charging the lowest rates in the region. Fees will be revised each year.

Hourly $9.00
Daily $99.00
Daily with 85% CCS $19.06 (CCS means Childcare Subsidy)
Half Day $49.50 under condition
Full fee/5days/50 hours $495.00
5 days with 85% CCS $74.25/a week

For further information please contact Jasmine on 0474227049.

Childcare Subsidy Assessment

You can complete a childcare subsidy assessment online at the Human Services website. Upon completion, you are required to inform Wonder World Play Centre of the subsidy percentage your child is entitled, along with the number of hours he or she will be in our care. Please click here for more information on childcare subsidies and how they are administered.