Nutritionally Balanced Vegetarian Lunch and Promoting Good Eating Habits

Wonder World Play Centre provides nutritionally balanced vegetarian food to children. We use eggs, dairy products, lentils, soya products as protein, calcium and B12 sources. We also provide complete vegetarian food to children who do not eat eggs and dairy products.

Our childcare service uses some organic products in cooking and our vegetarian food meets Australian Nutrition standards.

Wonder World Play Centre provides a daily cooking experience and aims for children to develop healthy eating habits and love food. Children actively engage in cooking preparation with educators. Children are informed what they eat every day and participate in discussion of nutritional values of the food they eat during morning circle time. Lunch includes fresh vegetable, fruits, yoghurt, sandwiches and freshly cooked food.

We also accommodate children who have food allergies and intolerances

Children have access to drinking water and are reminded to drink plenty of water throughout the day. They are given milk at afternoon tea time. They are also encouraged to bring a water bottle.