Kathy Barber

All my 3 children have attended the centre over the last 6 years and all absolutely loved it! The centre has greatly improved the facilities over the years and the staff are very friendly and love interacting with the children. My kids all looked forward to attending the centre each week and the program allows for both indoor and outdoor activities and play. My children have all shown great improvements in their listening and practical skills over their time at the centre! Thank you staff!

Jacky Zhou

My son attended Wonder World Play Centre in 2016 and 2017. Staff are so nice and help children to develop skills and to be kind to each other, his listening skill was greatly improved as well as other skills. He used to get upset easily when he was young, sinse attending Wonder World Play Centre he gradually become calm in any challenge situation and can manage his frastrations. He loves to interact with other people now and always asks many questions. He is eager to learn and happy to communicate with different people. He loved his kinder, often brought fruits from home to share and asked mum to stay for helping classroom activities. We are very happy with this service and will recommend to our friends.

Asha Patel

This is the BEST centre, I highly recommend Wonderworld kindergarten. I’ve had my two children both attended Wonderworld centre and I have to say it was the best decision I made for them. Both my children finished and left with confidence, leadership and knowledge. The teachers have helped my sons significantly gain confidence and self independence, while at the same time emphasizing self-discipline and respect towards others, has truly been a heartening experience. The wonderful programs here at centre also help to enrich our kindergarten experience.

sally chen

I highly recommend this child care centre! The staff is so nice and kind, you always feel welcomed and involved as part of the family. my daughter attended last year and she improved lots of the skills and end up totally shocked me…. compared to my daughter when she havent attend to this centre, she is not talking much, dont want to share the stuff until my she can involved in a group activity and helping each other… I’m so great to see the improvement and thanks for the staff in wonderworld play centre… i hope the parents who is nearby and willing to get child into a early childhood education, wonderworld play centre is the best one of them! its only about how well they look after your child, it also about the personality that affect your child’s future.

Moe Naser

Very wonderful school with very nice patient teachers who teach the kids every day skills like planting, taking care of chicken and good manners


Wonderworld Play Centre has been amazing for our kids… and us! The warm natural environment our kids enjoyed while outside with real nature such as trees, gardens, dirt and chickens has promoted and interest in the world around them that has been nurtured at Wonderworld Play Centre. Our children have enjoyed preparing their lunch at the centre and this has assisted greatly our little fussy eater. Staff are very caring, highly skilled, supportive and accommodating. We have had no regrets with and highly recommend Wonderworld Play Centre.