Unique Features
Natural Rich Environment
The exposure to a natural environment has been proven to enhance the cognitive development of children by increasing their awareness, reasoning and observational skills (Pyle 2002).

We provide a natural rich environment that teaches children about nature for all four seasons of the year. During spring, they sow seeds for flowers and vegetables, which gives them the opportunity to see them blossom and ripen. They learn about the bees, butterflies and other insects on our playground, a process which fosters curiosity about the nature all around them.

During summer, the children enjoy eating the juicy plums produced by our very own trees, and in autumn, experience the ripening of pears and apples. All year round, they take care of their plants, garden and animals, all of which bring enjoyment to

Steiner Inspired approach
Wonder World Play Centre utilizes Steiner inspired approach. Steiner philosophy in early childhood education are characterized by children actively learning through imitation and their own creative experiences. The child’s imagination and sense of wonder is fostered, through stories, songs, arts, creative play, interaction with nature and involvement in everyday life activity.
Educators and ratios to children
To ensure the quality care and program, our educators are highly experienced and qualified, holding a diploma in Children Service or a bachelor’s degree in Early childhood Education. Our educators speak Chinese (Mandarin), Japanese, Turkish, Tamil and Malayalam. Our educator to child ratio is 1:8, exceeding the Australian Legislation standard of 1:11, and this enables us to maintain a quality care and meet individual children needs.
Nutritionally Balanced Vegetarian Food
Wonder World Play Centre provides nutritionally balanced vegetarian food to children. We use eggs, dairy products, lentils, soya products as protein, calcium and B12 sources. We also provide complete vegetarian food to children who do not eat eggs and dairy products.

Our childcare service uses some organic products in cooking and Our vegetarian food meets Australian Nutrition standards.